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The following contents were published as "インセイン3 インセインSCP" in Japan, and we translated there into English.
If you do not know the "replays", you might want to see this page.(もしあなたがリプレイを知らないなら、このページを見るといいでしょう。)

Character Making

1:The harsh world was came(厳しい世界が見えてきた)

That day was a disturbing day.
I walked a residential area, had looked around. I don't know what will appear from the next corner, I don't know what's been done behind the block fence. I do not know anything.
A bulletin board, which display Shodo inside glass door, was put into place in front of the gate of a house.

Previously, I was wonder about a certain piece.
It's not Japanese.
As far as I know, it was not writing too.
There were something, surrounded the pattern such as eye in notched line, in the center of Japanese writing paper. I felt bizarre odor in the air.
I wonder what was that.
Did a person that living in that house know what did that mean?
What kind of person lived there, anyway?
I don't know anything. Maybe, I don't want to do.

In time, the Adventure Planning Service1's building heave in sight.
I unlocked the doors, turned on the lights2, and cleaned up on the table.
And, I'd wait.

Saitou: … ah, hi.
Kobito: Sorry, I was late little.
Gugepen: Cuz it looks like rain.
Saitou: It's okay. Just on time.
Enuenu: I'll make some tea.

 There were three women players at the room.
 The graphic designer who dance sometimes, Enuenu.
 The modeler who well get screwed in Horror game, Kobito.
 The women who feel affection for penguins and Vocaloid, Gugepen.

Saitou: So er … Sit down, Please.
Gugepen: Yep.
Kobito: Today is recording day, isn't it?
Saitou: Yes, recording replay of "inSANe SCP", which is the third book of the "inSANe" series.
Gugepen: SCP?
Saitou: There is a creation of such name.
Kobito: Hmmm.
Enuenu: The website, right?
Saitou: Yes, the wiki of a collaborative urban fantasy writing. This's really cool, so we are going to use this for new inSANe's supplement.
Gugepen: Ah, so, what is "SCP"?
Saitou: OK. I'll describe it roughly.
Gugepen: Yeah.
Saitou: First, location is current city. General person not know, there are a secretive organization ,the "SCP Foundation", that contains anomalous or supernatural items.
Enuenu: What's the abbreviation for SCP?
Saitou: Secure, Contain, Protect.
Enuenu: "確保"、"収容"、"保護"?3


Kobito: I think I will die, soon.
Saitou: It is OK. In this game, you can easy retry.
Kobito: Ho, how?
Saitou: I explain more about that in detail later, you can buy a new character with point.
Gugepen: Oh …
Saitou: Oh, yeah. Will I deal you a hand out, before character making?
Gugepen: Yes, please.
Enuenu: Gimme, gimme.
Saitou: There is three cards for Player character …… in a random order.
Kobito: [take one] It's No,1.
Gugepen: No,2.
Enuenu: I'm No,3.
Saitou: I think there is no difference in ocverse【mission】. You can look the your verso 【secret】.

Everyone saw the oneself's 【secret】, everyone's expression was changed.
After the character making time, now on, the game begins.(ここめっちゃ意訳)

2:If this world is ruined(地球がダメになったら)

Saitou → GM4: So, please tell me what kind character you made.
Kobito → Tamara: Me? ah, I am Agent Tamara.

Agent Tamara (Team leader)
Sex:Female Age:20 Job:Field agents
Vitality:6 Sanity:5
Curiosity:Perception Fears:《Death》
Ability:【Basic attack】,【Battlefield move】,【Exaggerate】,【Assets】          
Item:「Analgesic」,「Analgesic」,「Class-B amnestic」,「Class-B amnestic」

GM: What is Ag.Tamara like?
Tamara: She's painter.
GM: well …
Tamara: When she became an Agent, she had still student of art school.
GM: Got it. The Foundation have some object about art. So, maybe she comes into contacted with the Foundation, after some kind of incident.
Tamara: If something comes up, she cooperates with Foundatin, right?
GM: No, she employed by the Foundation, gainfully. It's said, Please have loyalty to the Foundation, because we pay you a salary.
Enuenu: Um.
Tamara: How about she? Has she pledge allegiance?
GM: Greater than or equal to Class C personnel usually have loyalty. It can be say that, you made to take a psychological test …
Tamara: Wow.
GM: Today, a few thousand SCP object are contained. Mankind have still exist, because the Foundation have fight, and we are lucky.
Enuenu: A few thousand!
GM: All personal understand this fact, who can be access on the Foundation's databases.
Gugepen: If we don't ourself's best, by any chance this world is ruined … ?
GM: Yes.
Tamara: That's terrible! … I shouldn't waste my time in go to school.
GM: Don't worry. Still student, but you assign the highest priority to the Foundation's job. I think the art school's student may get a lot of flexibility. So, the position as student will be highly excellence.
Tamara: flexibility … flexibility, yes, leave it like that.
Gugepen: We can take an assumed job?
GM: Yes. Now, we turn off Ag.Tamara's character sheet, who goes to an investigation immediately while going to art school, if there is a supernatural case. She is leader of this time's reserch team.
Tamara: Ho …… what?5

Agent Marie (Want to have my own shop)
Sex:Female Age:21 Job:Field agents
Vitality:6 Sanity:6
Curiosity:Technology Fears:《Apocalypse》
Skills:《Love》,《Sound》,《Sixth sense》,《Organizing》,《Culture》,《Folklore》
Ability:【Basic attack】,【Battlefield move】,【Discipline】,【Postponement】      

GM: And, Gugepen's character.
Gugepen → Marie: Ag.Marie, came from SCP Fronts. What is "SCP Fronts"?
GM: The front side of the Foundation. The Foundation uses the presence of other businesses and organizations, which's initial is S. C. P.
Marie: Wow, really?
GM: Really.
Tamara: I think that is so convenience of searching phonebook.
Marie: So, ah, what's name of coffee shop, of SCP Fronts?
GM: Something, Cofee, Something …
Enuenu: How about Chicago.
GM: … I got it. Super, Coffee, Power.
All: [Laugh Out Loud]
Marie: Must be powerful.
Enuenu: "Even if you don't sleep for three days, it's all right if you drink a cup of coffee!"
Marie: It's likes a chain store. Like more … private management … stylish, please.
GM: Um … Sara's Coffee Portal?
Enuenu: I liked that!
Marie: Sara's shop, hun.
Tamara: Portal … it is fantasic6 word.
GM: Sara, a store manager, has robe in wear. And the people, who come to Sara's shop, are fantasy fan.
Marie: I DON'T WEAR.
Tamara: Gah.

GM: Last, what is Enuenu's character like?
Enuenu → Miria: She's name is Miria. Maybe she's a student, record with camera. When she worked SCP front's part-time, got hired.

Agent Miria (Record things that should not be record)
Sex:Female Age:20 Job:Field agents
Vitality:6 Sanity:6
Curiosity:Perception Fears:《Chaos》
Ability:【Basic attack】,【Battlefield move】,【Internal information】,【Spot hidden】
Item:「Amulet」,「Class-B amnestic」

GM: So, Super Camera Power.
All: [Laugh Out Loud]
Miria: Mass merchant, absotively.
Tamara: It's a BIG chain store, I think.
Marie: Hey, this Super [something] Power method have general versatility.
GM: Let's use it, If the need arises.
Miria: Agent Miria is a little women who has a passion for making a video. She acts as poster on own video posting site,

Introduction phase

Main phase:Cycle 1

1:"I met a person must not meet. "(ミリアのセリフ)

2:"His speak is incoherent."(タマラのセリフ)

3:"Is this hanged knife or pan on the wall or something?"(マリーのセリフ)

4:"It's impossible that you don't at all. "(GMのセリフ)

5:"I'll probably become…"(タマラのセリフ)

6:"It's YOUR fault."(マリーのセリフ)

7:"That is really too bad."(幻覚のセリフ)

8:"He peeled the scalp with a knife."(GMのセリフ)

9:"What is real?"(マリーの独白)

10:"Let him fight together."(マリーのセリフ)

11:"Before taking time to think."(GMのセリフ)

12:"I'll hand off this."(マリーのセリフ)

13:"Don't do the unwanted things!"(マリーのセリフ)

Climax phase


このページの内容は、齋藤高吉/冒険企画局 著「インセイン3 インセインSCP」に基づきます。

このページは、クリエイティブ・コモンズ 表示-継承 3.0ライセンスの下に公開されます。


  Violence Feeling Perception Technology Knowledge Supernature
2 Incineration Love Pain Dissolution Physics Time
3 Torture Joy Sensuality Electronics Mathematics Chaos
4 Bondage Melancholy Touch Organaizing Chemistry Abyssal sea
5 Menace Shame Smell Medicine Biology Death
6 Wrack Laugh Taste Efficiency Medical science Soul
7 Strike Patience Sound Media Culture Magic
8 Scission Boggle Sight Camera Anthropology Dark
9 Stab Anger Chase Vehicle History Apocalypse
10 Shooting Hate Art Machine Folklore Dream
11 Conflict Sorrow Sixth senxe Trap Archaelogy Underground
12 Burial Affection Shade Weapon Astronomy Space

《》特技 【】アビリティや狂気などの効果を持つもの []左記以外のインセイン特有の単語 ""何か意味を含ませたい時の

 GM: 丁寧口調、略語はできるだけなし
 えぬえぬ(ミリア): フランクだけど唸り声が多いので省略して可、適度の略しておk
 こびと(タマラ): 寡黙、唸るのが多い、wthは言わせない感じで
 ぐげぺん(マリー): yepyepyep、多弁、略語多用、ラフでフランクな感じ


Insane (名前)
Trigger (トリガー)
Insane Hallucination
Trigger If you lost a 【Sanity】 points by [shock].
After this,[Perception]

transistor_K: 今はキャラ作のところを重点的に作業中
hal_aki: 会話になるとてんでダメなのでデータ部分やら脚注ネタ辺りをやります…
transistor_K: 了解。頼んだ。

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