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Item#: SCP-082-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-082-JP is to be kept in a standard hazardous object containment storage at Site-8181. Testing with SCP-082-JP requires the permission from one Security Clearance Level 4 personnel.

Description: SCP-082-JP is a traveling carry bag that was manufactured by █████ Co. , 46cm x 30cm x 9cm in dimension. Its materials are general and non-anomalous, and other products of █████ Co. have shown no anomalous properties.

Anomalous property of SCP-082-JP manifests when it is used for a trip abroad. User of SCP-082-JP vanishes without warning before arriving to his/her destination1. Contents of SCP-082-JP or means of transportation are not involved in the anomalous phenomenon. Furthermore, this anomalous property activates only when the user is believing that he/she is using SCP-082-JP for “travelling overseas”.

After the user's disappearance, an extensive extra-dimensional space manifests in SCP-082-JP. Details of extra-dimension are varying between each manifestation - however, it is always a desolate land (including wilderness, desert, and undeveloped jungle) that is not exist in reality. This space can be accessed freely through the opening of SCP-082-JP. SCP-082-JP opening may be connected to various place in extra-dimension, on the ground in about 80% chance; in some cases, the opening was connected in the air. Internal explorations by unmanned drones have shown this extra-dimension can be considered as a limitless space.

SCP-082-JP-1, a humanoid that have identical appearance to the disappeared user, exists in the extra-dimensional space and has wandered in search of an accommodation. SCP-082-JP-1 seems to have lost the memory that it was (possibly) experienced before the disappearance, and gives vague answers when being asked about the information of SCP-082-JP. Except for SCP-082-JP-1, no organism is found in the extra-dimensional space. SCP-082-JP-1 fiercely resists against any attempts for bringing it back to the reality. If SCP-082-JP-1 is constrained and is forcefully taken to the reality, it vanishes with an unidentified high-temperature vapor when crossing the opening of SCP-082-JP. After that, SCP-082-JP-1 reappears in the extra-dimensional space, seeking the accommodation as if nothing had happened.

In 24 hours after the user's disappearance, SCP-082-JP-1 starts walking toward a certain direction. Eventually, SCP-082-JP-1 arrives to a highly deteriorated, six-story building. An old signboard is equipped on the rooftop, barely displaying its name; "HOTEL SMILEY FACE". The appearance of this building seems to be constant at all events SCP-082-JP involves. All windows glow by the light, and human-like shadows can be seen in some room; it is not clear whether these figures are living organisms or not. Entrance is a glass revolving door that can't be rotated due to its lack of power. SCP-082-JP-1 vanishes when touching to this door, and an additional shadow appears in a room at same time. All attempts to intrude into the building by non-anomalous humans, unmanned drones, and trained dogs have been unsuccessful - direct attacks (breaking the window, crushing the wall, etc.) just caused the disappearing of the building.

If activated SCP-082-JP is touched by a human who is planning the travel overseas, its extra-dimensional space is closed and it becomes a normal carry bag again. At that point, return of humans from the extra-dimensional space becomes impossible and all communication are disconnected. If a subject is right in the middle of crossing the border of SCP-082-JP opening, his/her body will be cut into half. Because of this, all personnel (including ones who have been charged with exploration duty) are required not to make physical contact with SCP-083-JP itself.

SCP-082-JP was purchased by a private citizen at the garage sale that was held in ████ Municipal ██████ Junior High School on 20██/██/██. After that, the eldest daughter (Age 16) of the purchaser used it to visit America for a short-term homestay. Following her disappearing and the manifestation of the extra-dimensional space, a Foundation agent who embedded in the airline company investigated and recovered SCP-082-JP. Class-B Amnestics were administered to all involved, and the incident was treated as an unfortunate incident during traveling overseas. At present, former owner of SCP-082-JP is unidentified.

Addendum: Analysis of the noise during Interview Log 082-03 revealed a high-pitched voice that says the following words at a very high speed.

Get out get out just get the fuck out I really really want to go tooooooooooo

Investigation regarding the source of this noise is currently ongoing.

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