SCP-1242-JP Translated
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SCP-1242-JP, moments prior to the manifestation of its anomalous property.

Item#: SCP-1242-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Operating companies of SCP-1242-JP were purchased by a Foundation front corporation (Seikai Central Price Ltd.); SCP-1242-JP has been fenced off from civilian access under the cover of a long-term remodeling work. If the information regarding SCP-1242-JP is leaked to civilians, they are to be detained, administered Class-A amnestics and released.

1 D-Class personnel equipped a communication device is to be tasked for a testing with SCP-1242-JP. All testing are to be monitored by a Level 3 or above assigned personnel. During testing, the Foundation Orbital Assets are to monitor the atmospheric entry of unidentified object at all times. Recovery of D-Class personnel found in outside the Earth's atmosphere is generally not to be carried out in principle.

Description: SCP-1242-JP is the anomalous phenomena irregularly occurring in all toilet stalls within the "Shopping Mall ███████████", located in the city of ███████, ██████ Prefecture.

Anomalous properties of SCP-1242-JP manifests when an individual (henceforth, "the subject") uses a toilet bowl to ease nature. If this criterion is met, the subject are sucked into the toilet pipe with an instant flash. Gravitational analysis by the Foundation has shown the excessive concentration of gravitational field within the pipe during the anomalous phenomena. However, this gravitational anomaly seems to be applied to the subject only; the effect on toilet bowl, pipe and water has not been observed thus far.

Subject sucked into pipe will transport to a place, designated as SCP-1242-JP-11. Video footage is shown that various objects relating to TV show (including cameras, decorative fittings and green screen for chroma key compositing) exist in SCP-1242-JP-1. About 1 minutes after the subject is transported to the roughly center of SCP-1242-JP-1, a collection of humanoid, designated as SCP-1242-JP-2, appear. SCP-1242-JP-2 instances are composed of a "Host" and other "Audiences", and this "Host" instance asks whether the subject intends to take part in a "Quiz show".

If the subject agrees to attend, the "Quiz show" is immediately started; during this show, a monitor behind SCP-1242-JP "Host" instance will display the question sentences. Known rules of quiz are as follows;

  • Subject must answer at least 30 questions correctly in 1 minutes.
  • Subject can request a hint of question, up to 3 times. While the "Host" gives the subject a hint, the timer doesn't stop counting down.
  • Subject who did a dishonest action is considered to be disqualified.

In view of aforementioned rules, subject needs to answer 1 question per 2 seconds. Any subjects who decided not to attend the show / answered incorrectly / cheated are deemed to be "disqualified", and undergoes spatial shift to a point in the range from 226 to 251km2 above the ground.

Genres of questions are vary and the subjects fail to answer correctly in most cases. To date, the Foundation couldn't observe the subjects who answered all correctly in testing procedure. Subject who wins will be undergo spatial shift to the outer space, roughly 350-400km above the ground. Regardless of the result of quiz, the audio announcement of the "Tips for next show" is recorded shortly before the subject relocates. This announcement contains the fragmented informations about correct answers to quiz that will be questioned in next activation time.

Recovery Log: On 20██/██/██, the Foundation performed the investigation around the city of ███████ after a series of disappearances. During this time, Agent █████ used a bathroom of "Shopping Mall ███████████", resulting the unintentional activation of SCP-1242-JP. 2 minutes after, █████'s GPS signal was shifted to the atmospheric layer, 231km above the bathroom. Said bathroom was recognized as an anomaly and contained as SCP-1242-JP shortly after this incident; all involved civilian were administered the amnestics, and a proper cover story was disseminated.


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