SCP-173-JP Translated
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Item#: SCP-173-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-173-JP is to be contained in a fully soundproofed chamber after being destroyed to downsize it as much as possible. Currently, SCP-173-JP is confirmed to can be made small to approximately 30cm. However, note that anomalous property of SCP-173-JP is active without regard to its size.

No personnel are permitted to enter the containment chamber of SCP-173-JP, except for D-class personnel for testing. Monitoring, maintenance and test observation of its chamber must be done with automatic or remote-controllable machinery.

Description: SCP-173-JP is consisted of a large amount of [REDACTED] toys, possibly made in Japan. Subject always tends to take form of a caricatured dinosaur, regardless of its own size; a relation to [DATA EXPUNGED] has been pointed out, but no definite information have been gotten.

SCP-173-JP is autonomous; it is capable of walking while emitting the "clattering" or "rattling" sound of toys that knock against each other, and sometimes [REDACTED]. If a human subject continues to listen this sound directly, subject loses his/her wariness and tries to approach to SCP-173-JP.

After reached to SCP-173-JP, subject starts to push aside the toys that are components of SCP-173-JP. During this, toys can easily be push away (and can't be peeled off). Subject tries to push his/her own way through these toys and keeps intruding into SCP-173-JP in defiance of his/her damage due to the pressure from surrounding toys. Eventually, no matter how small the original size of SCP-173-JP is, subject fully gets into SCP-173-JP. As a result, SCP-173-JP increase its size corresponding to the mass of subject.

Because the origin of SCP-173-JP was [REDACTED], fortunately, it just caused the damage to only one village until containment. Cost of amnestic administration and cover-up for an entire region of [REDACTED] was minimal. However, even during this initial containment, the presumed maximum size of SCP-173-JP is recorded as 75m.

It is proved that recorded or relayed sound of SCP-173-JP has no effect. During testing, D-class personnel claimed they found

  • toys that are important or memorable for them
  • toys that they lost formerly
  • toys of "good old days"
  • toys that they formerly wanted,

before getting into SCP-173-JP. In a rare case, a D-class entered into SCP-173-JP while saying "[he] want to see more, a lot more of this fun things".

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