SCP-333-JP Translated
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Item#: SCP-333-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-333-JP is to be contained in a dome-shaped containment facility, which was constructed without flooring material, centering around its original location. Any other buildings, including Foundation facilities, are not allowed to construct on areas in 200m radius around SCP-333-JP containment facility. As the inside of its containment dome has simulated forest environment, the control of soil and plants has been required. To communicate with SCP-333-JP, papers and pens are to be stocked in its containment dome; responses to specific questions are to follow Manual 333-JP.

Description: SCP-333-JP is a humanoid entity, that looks like its head is buried in ground.

While SCP-333-JP's bodily appearance has no differences from non-anomalous human, it does not have any internal organ. Furthermore, it displays visual and auditory senses via unknown means, and is capable of communicate in writing. It seems the gravity against SCP-333-JP acts in the opposite direction; it shows no ill effects of being physically upside-down. SCP-333-JP is capable of moving1 to only areas where the bare ground exists, and tends to prefer the forest or greenfield environment.

SCP-333-JP causes anomalous natural phenomena around it whenever a threat occurs against it and/or the ground of its 30m radius (including underground). As SCP-333-JP causes this phenomenon unintentionally and does not suffer damage from, this is believed to be a reflective reaction for protect itself. SCP-333-JP is known to become inactive2 after the manifestation of this property.

Addendum-1: Existence of SCP-333-JP was initially confirmed by Foundation agents during investigation of unusual phenomenon that a rapid growth of trees blocked the landslide and protected a village at the foot of Mt. ████████, located in ██████ Prefecture. SCP-333-JP was discovered in inactive state at nearby forest, and subsequent interview by researchers revealed the existence of other instances.

Addendum-2: Investigation after Interview Log 333-JP-1 led to the confirmation and containment of 5 instances of SCP-333-JP in total.

Each instance of SCP-333-JP has grasped the existence and almost precise location of other instances, and uniformly claims the Earth is its own head. While all instances hope to contact to others for discussing about the proprietary rights of the "Head", instances are unable to cross the sea due to their inability to separate from ground. Based on the above, it is believed that SCP-333-JP instances are currently nearly impossible to contact each other.

Currently, SCP-333-JP instances have been contained in the form of a cooperative relationship with us. However, we should not allow them to sit around a round table. Of course, there is a possibility they derive a peaceful and logical conclusion through discussion. Still, we never know they may decide to cut the Earth into pieces like a pie. Fortunately, all SCP-333-JP instances are honest and gentle in nature. As long as we continue to inform that there is still no way to across the sea, they will just believe it. Containment procedures are still in effect at this point, and thus are to be maintain the status quo.
Even only one failure will lead us to an unacceptable result. - Dr. ██████


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