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Item #: SCP-507-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In accordance with the basic protocol for containment of abnormal locations, the area around SCP-507-JP has been designated as Zone-81/507. Observation Facility-████ has been established on the immediate area of SCP-507-JP, and 4 embedded agents are tasked with observing the surrounding environment and dealing to activation events. Audio information within SCP-507-JP has been recorded by wired sound pickup devices from outside, constantly maintaining the communicationable situation with SCP-507-JP. Appeared instances of SCP-507-A are to be recovered immediately and kept in cryogenic storage at Site-8115 after recording and observation, in the manner of conforming to Standard Remain Containment Procedure (SRCP). To solve problems attributed to its location, Foundation was established the cooperative relationship with higher executive personnels of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and Special Affairs Division of Public Security Bureau. In case that activation of SCP-507-JP anomaly shows other uncommon phenomenon, it must to be make contact to liaisons of the above organizations on the basis of PEJEOPAT.1

Containment Procedures Updated 2010/03/18: SCP-507-JP-C is currently on life support systems in Standard Humanoid Entity Containment Cell #12. Attempts of treatment are ongoing. Personnels who are attending to Outerhedge Protocol is to be see Incident Report 507-2010-03-17.

Description:: SCP-507-JP is a shooting gallery where is located in the 3rd floor of the basement of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Main Building. SCP-507-JP is under the long-lasting effects of an entity that has been currently designated as SCP-507-JP-A. Before the beginning of abnormal effects in 1985, this gallery was used as a training facility for Special Affairs Division of Public Security Bureau (公安部特事課), one of the associated organizations of PEJEOPAT.

SCP-507-JP-A is an incorporeal Class-I Sapient Entity, and is considered that it is holding the control of electrical system within SCP-507-JP by unknown method. SCP-507-JP anomaly has been completely divided from power system of building, and indoor lightings are functioning without any problem (in appearance) despite the lack of external power supply. SCP-507-JP-A is capable to communicate at the voice of a man with thick Southern American accents, via several speakers within SCP-507-JP. SCP-507-JP-A demands that the intruders should leave SCP-507-JP immediately, and if denied, starts rapidly flickering the lighting and distorting the sound from speakers. SCP-507-JP-A eagerly claims that this action is its important mission and resists against violations of its occupied area, save for recovery of SCP-507-JP-B (described below). While SCP-507-JP-A is generally cooperative to containment, it can't answer accurately to the questions regarding its origin. (See Interview Log 507-JP-A for details)

At random intervals, ranging between 10 to 150 days, SCP-507-JP activates and plays an exact iteration of "Weather Report" that was broadcasted by NHK Radio 2 at 16:00 in 08/11/1985; this audio itself shows no notable anomalous property. At the point that the reading of weather-observation information moves from Urup island to Matua island, SCP-507-JP-B instances manifest in SCP-507-JP. Manifestation of SCP-507-JP-B is observed as it is "ejected" from an invisible portal located at center of SCP-507-JP. Detected result of electromagnetic wave measuring devices suggests that there is a "hole", approximately 10mm in diameter, and it emits gamma radiation severely when SCP-507-JP-B appears.2


John Wilkes Booth, 1865.

SCP-507-JP-B are duplicates of a male human who has an identical gene, 1 to 68 instances appearing at once. All instances are already dead at time of manifestation, and highly resemble in appearance to John Wilkes Booth (1838-1865), an American actor who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. Instances are damaged by various causes that change each time of appearing. However in common, all instances have a perforation by a rifle bullet on their own neck, and burns around it; this coincides with the cause of death of John Booth, a supposed original instance of SCP-507-JP-B.

Recover: It is considered that SCP-507-JP was created by an item that Special Affairs Division had owned. Conforming to PEJEOPAT rules about handling of paranormal phenomena that deviated from management range of the government agencies, the management rights of this object were transferred to Foundation possession on September of 1985. Related documents were also provided via a third-party institution. The following are excerpts.

Object research team concluded that "GOI 28: Gun Church" that is mentioned in the report has some relation with one of the sects of the "Holy Derringer Church", a religious cult of gun enthusiasts allegedly originated in United States America.

Interview Log 507-JP-A: The following are excerpts from the reports of initial response and subsequent questioning to SCP-507-JP-A.

Incident Report 2010/03/17: Following 7 days of inert status, SCP-507-JP activated and SCP-507-JP-A played "Z.O.C.", a musical piece of Canadian indie band "Red Bis" instead of usual "Weather Report". At about 1 minute and 13 second after the activation, only one instance of SCP-507-JP-B (SCP-507-JP-B-████) manifested. This instance was alive despite several severe bullet wounds and third degree burns on the wide range. When the security personnels approached for rescue, B-████ spoke the following words.

Sacred texts preach the salvation dwells in a word of "Amen". Theology argues the trajectory is gently inclining, by the guide of the Lord that is looking from the far away. Pastors say the worship of the Great Flow itself will bear fruit someday.


The Trinity is not exist. We, who was Released and is accelerating, is going away from the essence of the Creation, as if the Ark of salvation is run aground in the distance and become the nest of spurious ones who scavenge the impaled preys. And so, the scoundrels will implicated in the Hades that appears on the Earth, the miscreants who trample down the corpses of kings and nobles will gain a profit, and the depraved Church will exult in false Holy Wars. Even the incorruptible Angels will cast their remarkable immaculateness off, join a queue of the roaring beasts of war, and bless themselves by the corrupted prayers. True things are already lost, and the Kingdom of the False will rule supreme over the head of all. The King is holding the God of the Witchcraft, and the Witchcraft never leave the King's hand. His foot never be on the true Earth, his eyes never look up into the true Heaven.

I saw the Hell. His muzzle will cool down, the Bullet will fall, and the Target will lose. All things that had ruled the balance will be eliminated, and it is now.

Immediately after this, B-████ lost consciousness and fell into a coma. The results of a DNA test revealed that this instance has the identical genes to ███ ██ investigator, a SAD personnel who vanished during the trial testing in 1985. In view of its unique anomaly, B-████ was redesignated to SCP-507-JP-C. 507-JP-C was transferred to Site-8115, being under the treatment currently.

Since this incident, SCP-507-JP has shown no sign of activity, and all attempts to communicate with SCP-507-JP-A have been unsuccessful. Reclassification to Neutralized have been discussed between research team and 81-Region Administration Division.

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