SCP-534-JP Translated
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SCP-534-JP, tucking itself up in tissue paper

Item#: SCP-534-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-534-JP instances are to be contained in separate specially-designed chambers in small organism breeding facility of Bio-Site-██. An adequate amount of glass should be kept in the chamber, and worn-out cloth in the chamber is to be replaced to new cloth every three days. In the event that SCP-534-JP have progressed into the "Starvation state", a D-Class personnel wearing specialized protector is to immediately provide glass to it. Any land that has vitreous silica in plenty should be investigated by the Foundation personnel wearing specialized protector, under the cover story of "Soil contamination".

Description: SCP-534-JP is translucent, teardrop-shaped organism that consists of an unknown, red vitreous substance. SCP-534-JP is about 6 cm long and has a mass of roughly 40 grams. As of writing, 2 instances of SCP-534-JP has been contained. SCP-534-JP is able to dissolve and consume vitreous substances by using tube-like organs out of its head (4 cm long, about 0.8 mm in diameter) and its watery secretion. This "tubes" are also utilized as its moving means. SCP-534-JP often tries to cover its body up with something like cloth or paper, possibly as an attempt to hide itself. At that time, SCP-534-JP secretes a mucoid substance from body surface to immobilize its covering. If SCP-534-JP can't find any covering, it will become the "Starvation state" at a rapidly accelerating rate under the psychological stress.

If SCP-534-JP can't find the food for over 6 hours, it becomes the "Starvation state" that is characterized by its rugged and dull-colored body, and begins to emit a "clanking" sound. Furthermore, SCP-534-JP moves by jumping with a speed at roughly ███km per hour in this state; SCP-534-JP jumps for the contact with glassy substances, or the invasion into bigger animal than its own size. Once succeeded to invade, SCP-534-JP will stab the victim's blood vessel with its tubes and pour a liquid of undetermined composition1.

Affected victim's blood, blood vessels and muscle fibers will gradually change into an unknown vitreous solid2, resulting in a serious health damage. After consuming the sufficient amount of affected body tissues, SCP-534-JP exits the victim's body and returns to normal state. The "Starvation" will persist until SCP-534-JP consumes at least 500 grams of vitreous substance.

Just walking is more than enough to cause the breakage to the affected blood vessels and muscle fibers. Moreover, the degeneration of blood will be passed into the victim's whole system in few seconds, and eventually lead to the death when the brain and/or the heart becomes glass.

SCP-534-JP was found by a Foundation agent at the grazing land of ████ Prefecture on afternoon of 20██/██/██, following the report from Mr. ██████, a stock raising farmer who witnessed "something like a bullet" hit and killed his cattle. After the recovery of an instance of SCP-534-JP, Mr. ██████ was interviewed.

Addendum: In view of above incident, it is theorized that SCP-534-JP instances are still exist in wild. Currently, its discovery site and neighboring areas have been blocked, and a cover story regarding a huge outbreak of parasitic worms was disseminated to the public. Investigation is ongoing, centered on the grazing land in question.

Addendum-2: Analyze of the soil of above-mentioned grazing land revealed the existence of fossil plants that contain abundant opal phytoliths3, and some vitrified animal carcasses. Based on this, it has believed that SCP-534-JP originally had consumed those vitrified fossils; it is theorized that SCP-534-JP's jumping was formerly developed for securing its underground movement paths, and for penetrating the solidified animal carcasses. This speculation that SCP-534-JP instances were living under the ground for a long time is currently hypothesized as a significant factor of strong stress that SCP-534-JP feels when not covering itself up.

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