SCP-583-JP Translated
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Item#: SCP-583-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-583-JP is to be stored in a low-risk storage locker, and be monitored at all times by a fixed point security camera. Experiments with SCP-583-JP require the approval of a personnel in charge.

SCP-583-JP-A instances are to be contained in individual standard humanoid cells, and be offered meals or intravenous feedings according to symptoms. Mental treatments which double as interviews should be conducted on a biweekly basis.

UPDATE: Given the incident that occurred in 20██/12/3, SCP-583-JP-A instances are to be blindfolded at all times. Further interviews must be conducted from another room via communication apparatus.

Description: SCP-583-JP is a ██████ brand sleep mask. While SCP-583-JP has an identical shape and material to other masks of this model, its light shielding property is extremely higher than others; SCP-583-JP can block out even the intense light source in a close range. Individual who is putting SCP-583-JP on his/her face (henceforth the “wearer”) uniformly states that it is "comfortable".

SCP-583-JP’s anomalous properties manifest when the wearer falls asleep and enters a state of REM sleep. While a normal rapid eye movement can be observed, the wearer's eyeball liquefies over the course of 10-20 minutes. During this process, the wearer does not respond to any external stimuli and doesn't feel any kind of pain. Liquefied eyeballs become a pair of black fluids (SCP-583-JP-1). SCP-583-JP-1 never overflows from the wearer's eye sockets, and also can't remove by external interference. All attempts to take a sample of SCP-583-JP ended in failure as it vanishes at the same time with the wearer's death.

Affected wearer (termed SCP-583-JP-A) loses the ability to sense light, and states that his/her vision is utter darkness. SCP-583-JP-A instances claim that they can recall the past vividly when staring the darkness. SCP-583-JP-A instances' statements suggest that they do not only recall the visual information, but also feel the auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile memories.

Most of SCP-583-JP-A instances begin adhering to past memories and trying to satisfy their wishes and desires by recalling their past. This symptoms depend on the individual; some instances of SCP-583-JP-A (former D-class personnel) feel their past as pain that they don't want to look back, attempting to live normal life as much as possible.

Incident of 20██/12/3 revealed that SCP-583-JP's anomalous properties have the infectiveness. Also, in one case, a D-class personnel spontaneously changed into SCP-583-JP-A instance shortly after seeing SCP-583-JP-1 of other instance. Details of infection cause have yet to be identified, except that it happens when looking SCP-583-JP-1 directly. Despite the reproducing experiments conducted in identical content, period and situation, SCP-583-JP infection was not necessarily happened.

SCP-583-JP was discovered in the house of a blind man, who taken to ████████ Hospital of ██████ Prefecture in 20██/3/12. While the patient in question claimed that he bought SCP-583-JP from at the local store, investigation by the Foundation couldn't find any anomalous properties on other ██████ brand sleep mask. Amnestics were administered to those involved, and the patient was recovered as SCP-583-JP-A-1.


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