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Rings that are decorated by fragments of SCP-737-JP-1-c.

Item#: SCP-737-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-737-JP is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell. While SCP-737-JP's anomalous properties are currently limited to the below-mentioned range, personnel are to note that SCP-737-JP is not exactly submissive to Foundation custody, and may pose the potential risk. SCP-737-JP is allowed to manifest its properties only during testing.

Non-anomalous SCP-737-JP-1 instances are to be incinerated after the manifestation. In case an instance of SCP-737-JP-1 becomes animate by the contact with SCP-737-JP, said instance is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell. Weekly counseling by clinical psychologists who are well versed in child psychology is to be provided to SCP-737-JP-1 instances. SCP-737-JP-1 fragments are to be actively recovered from the marketplace by using SCP-737-JP's customer list. All recovered SCP-737-JP-1 fragments are to be contained in standard low-risk containment locker.

Description: SCP-737-JP is a Japanese male, 170.5cm in height and 63kg in weight; the subject was 42 years old at the time it entered Foundation custody. Results of SCP-737-JP's intelligence tests and physical strength examinations are in range of average, and it has no notable properties except below-mentioned one.

At random intervals ranging between 7 and 35 days, a corpse of child (termed SCP-737-JP-1) manifests within about 5m radius of SCP-737-JP. SCP-737-JP-1 instances have genetic information that match to children who were killed by maltreatment, from past to present, in various places in Japan. After the investigations of graves that each children were buried, it was revealed that all SCP-737-JP-1 instances are identical copies of original children. Through direct contact, SCP-737-JP is capable of instantaneously turning SCP-737-JP-1 instances' body tissues (except dermal tissue) into gemstones.

Upon SCP-737-JP's direct contact, SCP-737-JP-1 instances gain the memories and mental activities that match to that of in their original's life. Furthermore, instances become capable of independently moving, despite the lack of actual vital signs and the mutation of body tissues into ores. SCP-737-JP-1 instances require no nutrition ingestion and excretion. While SCP-737-JP-1 instances' auditory and visual sensations are functional, instances seem to feel no pain - SCP-737-JP-1 instances do not show the sign of distress when their skin is peeled and internal gemstones are removed. SCP-737-JP-1 instances keep maintaining their consciousness, even after their body was damaged to the degree that normal human cannot maintain the life.

Addendum-1: Prior to containment, SCP-737-JP was self-employed, and was running a jewelry shop and its additional workshop. It is believed that SCP-737-JP had sold gemstones that collected from SCP-737-JP-1 instances, as well as accessories made by fragments of SCP-737-JP-1. SCP-737-JP was suspected the cooperation with illegal organizations when it was discovered that SCP-737-JP had declared the false production areas of gemstones and their actual origins were still unclear. SCP-737-JP-1 instances were found by police officers who searched SCP-737-JP's home. All anomalies were promptly contained by Foundation agents embedded in local law enforcement, and Class-A amnestics were administered to all involved person.

Addendum-2: The following is a list of SCP-737-JP-1 instances that were discovered in basement room of SCP-737-JP's home. In view of the fact their originals are legally dead, as well as their mutations and physical damages, the release into the general population was deemed not to be realistic. The possibility that unknown SCP-737-JP-1 instances were completely processed into accessories and were sold has been considered.

SCP-737-JP-1-a: Matches to a 7-years-old girl in ████████ City of Shizuoka Prefecture, who died after her head was beaten by her father. Mutated into topaz; the right arm and the left side of body have been lacked since the time of containment.

SCP-737-JP-1-b: Matches to a 3-years-old boy in ████████ Town of Kouchi Prefecture, who was starved to death, as a result of neglect by his mother. Mutated into blue sapphire; the left thigh and the right eyeball have been lacked since the time of containment.

SCP-737-JP-1-c: Matches to a 17-years-old girl in ████████ City of Hokkaido, who was raped and strangled by her father. Mutated into diamond; the right wrist, both legs and both breasts have been lacked since the time of containment.

SCP-737-JP-1-d: Matches to a 13-years-old boy in ████████ City of Saitama Prefecture, who committed suicide as a result of mental abuse by his parents. Mutated into emerald; the right ring finger and whole lower half of body have been lacked since the time of containment.

SCP-737-JP-1-e: Matches to a 10-years-old boy in ████████ City of Shiga Prefecture, who was drown after he was forced to participate in a "ritual" of his parents' religious cult. Mutated into ruby; both arms have been lacked since the time of containment.

SCP-737-JP-1-f: Matches to a 2-months-old female infant, who died due to hypothermia after she was abandoned by her mother in a bathroom located in ████████ Station of ████████ City, Fukushima Prefecture. Mutated into opal; body parts except head was not contained.

Addendum-3:Interview Log SCP-737-JP-1-c

<Log Begin, 20██/6/█>

Dr. ████████: How are you feeling? Are there any inconveniences for talking?

SCP-737-JP-1-c: Yes, doctor. I'm okay. I don't know why, but I can still speak in spite of such condition. Isn't it hard to hear my voice?

Dr. ████████: No problems, Then, would you tell me about what happened after you came to that basement, please?

SCP-737-JP-1-c: Sure. But… I suddenly noticed I was in there. Despite I was already… killed, by dad. I couldn't make out what it's all about. Then, there was a stranger standing… Mr. ███████1. I was scared, but…… He gave me clothes, and spoke kindly to reassure me.

Dr. ████████: Please go on with your story.

SCP-737-JP-1-c: Mr. ███████ seemed to know how I died. He said he understands my pain, my suffering. We had a conversation for a while, and I couldn't help talking about what I was suffered ever. Then, Mr. ███████ suddenly peeled skin of my right hand. There was no pain, and no bleed. My flesh had been turned into a beautiful gems. Mr. ███████ said I was never loved before, and thus I shall become the one who is loved by everyone from now on. I felt weird about that, but it was not bad feeling when I turned into a beautiful gemstone. I was impressed, in fact. Mr. ███████ grinded my right hand by some machine, and said I shall be made into wonderful accessories to decorate people.

Dr. ████████: I see, so that is how you were grinded. As you're lacking both legs now, I assume you couldn't move from your bed. Didn't you feel pain about that?

SCP-737-JP-1-c: No. Doctor, many children like me were in that basement. Even when I couldn't move, there were many friends to talk with. I was the oldest among them. I felt always lonely when somebody was grinded completely and gone…… but the more they are grinded, the happier they feel, I know it. So I didn't worry about.

Dr. ████████: Would you elaborate, please?

SCP-737-JP-1-c: There are visions running into my mind. People smiling at me, who became rings and necklaces after being grinded and processed. They praise me with shining eyes, saying I'm beautiful and amazing. I had never been complimented, never even been treated kindly like that. I understand what Mr. ███████ said. This is what "be loved" means, I'm delighted. Doctor, I can feel even now. Hundreds of me are loved at this very moment. I'm feeling it.

Dr. ████████: Don't you think they may be just praising your aesthetic and monetary values, and not loving your individuality?

SCP-737-JP-1-c: ……I know it. I don't mind that. Even so, we are very happy now. Doctor, please. I'm sure Mr. ███████ is angry now. Please let him grind us. Please, don't hoard us.

<Log End>

Closing Statement: SCP-737-JP-1-c's statement suggests the possibility that the processed fragments of SCP-737-JP-1 has functions as receptor. Priority should be given to the recovery of SCP-737-JP-1 fragments from marketplace. Testing for studying SCP-737-JP-1 instances' limit of maintaining consciousness has been currently planned.


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