SCP-828-JP Translated
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Recovered SCP-828-JP-A-72

Item #: SCP-828-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-828-JP-A instances are to be transferred to specified sites in accordance to Protocol-282 upon discovery. The location of discovery of SCP-828-A is to be blocked up under a cover story regarding the landslides, preventing the civilians to enter.

Description: SCP-828-JP-A is the collective designation for anomalous entities resembling Haniwa that has been found from ████ Archaeological Site in town of ██, ██ in ██ Prefecture. These identical entities are discovered from same area every two months, and formerly was treated as Anomalous Item because the other properties were not detected. As of this writing, 20 instances of SCP-828-JP-A has been found at once.

When some SCP-828-JP-A instances approach to the location within ██m of each other, these start lightening the gravities in a radius of 2m centering on each other. Gravities in affected area become exponentially lower in proportion to space density that is occupied by SCP-828-JP-A instances, even in case that SCP-828-JP-A instance already lost its original form. Although SCP-828-JP-A can destroy by using any tools, its fragments retain the anomalous properties; therefore destroying of SCP-828-JP-A is not recommended.

If 10 or more instances of SCP-828-JP-A are arranged next to each other, their anomalous effect gets more pronounced. In addition to gravity-reducing, SCP-828-JP-A instances start to fuse with near instances and transform into a rocket-shape cylindrical structure (hereby SCP-828-JP-B). SCP-828-JP-B instances have various appearances, but consistently take forms of multistage rockets (which include Saturn V and Ares I) and keep Haniwa-style shape on nose cone. Once transformed SCP-828-JP-B instance has never been restored to SCP-828-JP-A instances at this time.

Containment Breach Report: 20██/11/██, an instance of SCP-828-JP-B breached the containment during transferring from Site-55██. SCP-828-JP-B managed to stand by itself in the mobile storage locker, launching itself to the sky. A transport vehicle crushed from impact of launch, and 2 personnels got injured severely. Captured footage revealed a human-like shadow in the "window" of SCP-828-JP-B. Both of the identity of this entity and a launched SCP-828-JP-B’s whereabouts are still unknown.

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SCP-828-JP "射出場"

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