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Mt. ███████, the area that SCP-830-JP appears.

Item#: SCP-830-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area affected by SCP-830-JP is to be blocked and patrolled by 5 security personnel - a cover story about wild bears has been recommended. Any trespassers are to be immediately detained, questioned, and administered Class A amnestic. At 20:00 on 08/30 every year, Security personnel are to speedily withdraw from the affected area. When SCP-830-JP manifested, it is to be observed via stationary security cameras on the top of Mt. ████, a neighboring mountain of Mt. ███████; direct observation of SCP-830-JP is never allowed.

As soon as the manifestation of SCP-830-JP is confirmed, an autopilot strategic bomber is to take off in the guise of normal aircraft and start bombing SCP-830-JP by incendiary bombs. Fireworks displays are to be held throughout surrounding area, under the cover stories of "Village revitalization campaign" and "Remembrance festival in memory of the fall of ███████ Castle". After the protocol execution, the surrounding areas are to be monitored to ensure that the local citizen didn't notice the anomalous phenomenon. If someone notices the anomaly, use of Class A amnestic is approved.

Description: SCP-830-JP is a structure looking like Japanese castle of the Azuchi–Momoyama period that manifests on the top of Mt. ███████ of ████████ Prefecture, Japan. SCP-830-JP only materializes from 21:00 on 08/30 to 03:00 on 08/311 every year.

As current land space of SCP-830-JP is approximately 150,000m2 and it consists of various kuruwa (including honmaru with a height of 55m, ninomaru and sannomaru), watchtowers and fortifications, it has believed that it is extremely difficult to bring down by the frontal attack using the arms of Azuchi-Momoyama era. Many banners has been discovered in various places of SCP-830-JP, and all of those emblems has identified as that of warlords who had served to the ██████ Family.

Upon the manifestation of SCP-830-JP, any other objects in the area temporary disappear. In the past, the Foundation installed the explosives beforehand to blow up SCP-830-JP - this plan was failed when the explosives vanished by above-mentioned phenomenon. Disappeared objects will be re-appear when SCP-830-JP de-manifests.


Photo of an SCP-830-JP-1 instance, recovered from Shūshū-In.

████ instances of humanoid entities wearing the armor of Azuchi-Momoyama era (referred to as SCP-830-JP-1) exist in SCP-830-JP. SCP-830-JP-1 instances are armed with the common weapons for Azuchi-Momoyama era (katana, bow and arrows, matchlock, etc) and extremely hostile against any people approaching SCP-830-JP. SCP-830-JP-1 instance will die like a normal human when it got fatal wound. Furthermore, a commander of SCP-830-JP-1 instances always lurks in somewhere of honmaru. If the commander instance is neutralized or ██% of SCP-830-JP is destroyed, SCP-830-JP will be "fallen" and de-manifest without waiting for 03:00 of 08/31.

Upon the de-materialization, individuals who are inside SCP-830-JP appear in the anomaly's manifestation area in the state of unconscious. All attempts for recording the de-materialization from the inside of SCP-830-JP ended in failure due to the malfunction of record devices by unknown causes.

If an individual directly saw SCP-830-JP, subject will proceed to seek any available tools that can potentially use as weapons for attacking SCP-830-JP; Class A amnestic or the de-materialization of SCP-830-JP can neutralize this effect. Usually, affected civilian are killed by SCP-830-JP instances at the main gate. Once killed, victims vanish immediately - and manifest as SCP-830-JP-1 instances the following years.

By any chance SCP-830-JP didn't "fall" until 03:00, its scale will be expanded the following year. Documents recovered from Shūshū-In have shown that SCP-830-JP was expanded ██ times in total to date.

SCP-830-JP was handed over from Shūshū-In2 in 18██. Recovered documents state that this anomaly is originated from the grudge of ████████ Kitabatake, the lord of ███████ Castle and one of the vassals of ██████ Family. In 15██, despite Kitabatake adopted defensive strategy against the attack of ███'s army, his castle fell in one night by a novel tactic of ███'s army. According to further details, its current anomalous property firstly occurred in 1615, at the point ███████ Castle was abolished by the Ikkoku Ichijo Rei3. Before this, SCP-830-JP had been manifested as phantom samurais in ███████ Castle.

Initially, subjugation and exploration had been tasked to multiple Foundation mobile task forces.

In 19██, shortly after Foundation Manufacturing Department developed the high-powered incendiary bomb to contain SCP-███-JP, Dr. ████ proposed its diversion to the containment of SCP-830-JP, by combining autopilot bombers provided from U.S. Military. In following year, Dr. ████'s proposal was put into action and SCP-830-JP "fell" without any problem. Thereafter, current Special Containment Procedures were established.

Addendum: 20██/8/30, ██ years after the establishment of Special Containment Protocol, a wooden sign materialized in the SCP-830-JP area after the bombing.

止 む べ し4

Next year of this incident, usual containment protocol was executed and no further anomalous deviation was observed. Thus, Special Containment Procedures have not been updated.

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