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A notice that allegedly Agent Kitagawa made. This image is a reproduction based on his memory, as actual data was not found.

Item #: SCP-922-JP 1

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Study for preventing SCP-922-JP beforehand is ongoing. Current containment procedures are to be focused on corresponding measures upon the occurring of SCP-922-JP.

All active zoos should be monitored by the Foundation. Once an occurring of SCP-922-JP is confirmed, an alternative animal is to be placed; appropriate memories should be implanted to and/or removed from all affected individuals.

Foundation agents embedded within zoos are to receive explanations about SCP-922-JP as much as possible. Currently, the mobilization of new agents and the deployment of Kant counters are under consideration.

Description: SCP-922-JP is a phenomenon in which an animal in zoo instantly disappears. Zoos that subjected to SCP-922-JP and its interval between occurring are irregular. It is known, however, SCP-922-JP only occurs under the situations that public visitors do not exist.

It was initially presumed that animal species targeted by SCP-922-JP have been chosen at random, but recent studies revealed several regularity. Currently, one principle has been clearly confirmed — species that disappeared by SCP-922-JP have shown a tendency to less likely to be chosen in the future SCP-922-JP occurring.

SCP-922-JP is accompanied by a limited memory-alteration/cognitohazardous effect that implants an anomalous memory/perception to staff members of targeted zoo. Affected staff perceive that an animal disappearance by SCP-922-JP is just a relocation to other zoo via official procedures. As an effect of this perception, affected individuals has a false but distinct memory. Contents of this memory is in common among zoo staff, even in details such as the name of counterpart zoo or the date when said animal moved. Affected individuals show moderate confusion when the lack of evidence or similar contradictions are pointed out. This is considered to be a typical reaction when a human is notified the falsification of their own memory.

SCP-922-JP was discovered after a report of Agent Kitagawa, who was embedded in ██████ Zoo; Agent Kitagawa noticed the abnormal event when he found that one of his monthly reports' contents is utterly different from his former perception. Further investigation revealed the existence of SCP-922-JP and its anomalous properties, and containment procedures were established.

Exact time of the first SCP-922-JP occurring is unknown. Foundation investigation found only two incidents prior to SCP-922-JP was discovered by Agent Kitagawa. As contributed to early detection of anomaly, Agent Kitagawa was provisionally evaluated well by his Foundation site.

SCP-922-JP related incidents in Japan (Excerpt):

Affected zoo Disappeared animal Note
██████████ Zoo, Aichi Lion(Panthera leo) The earliest confirmed incident, identified after the discovery of SCP-922-JP and the investigations. Relocation notice, which had been posted by affected staff, was processed according to procedures.
████████ Zoo, Osaka Common Raccoon (Procyon lotor) Occurred in the zoo that Agent Kitagawa is embedded. Processing was completed before public visitors know the information.
████ Zoo, Tokyo Giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) Replacement was promptly conducted due to this species' scarcity. Affected staff were swiftly amnesticized.
████████████ Zoo, Hokkaido Mountain hare (Lepus timidus ainu) SCP-922-JP was occurred when a staff was taking care of hare in question. Despite said staff was interacting with hare until just before SCP-922-JP occurred, she seemed not surprised about this.

Interview Log 922-C7

Interviewee: Agent Kitagawa

Interviewer: Dr. Hamazaki

Foreword: The following interview was conducted for a better understanding of cognitive effects induced by SCP-922-JP. Prior to this, Agent Kitagawa was informed that he is an affected individual.

<Log Begin, 20██/██/█>

Dr. Hamazaki: Now, let us begin. Could you tell me more about the situation at that time?

Agent Kitagawa: Honestly, I still can't believe that my memory is fake. I directly had done works regarding the relocation, because I was in charge of that raccoon.

Dr. Hamazaki: But you and other staff did not notice the anomaly, correct?

Agent Kitagawa: It sounds weird, but it was not anomalous in that time. All things were real ones. I met the directors of dealing partner zoo, checked the documents regarding transfer procedures, and even saw the raccoon off on that very day of relocation. Above all, I informed about it to the Foundation, and received an answer of "Understood".

Dr. Hamazaki: We did not get such report. You just reported as "Nothing particular".

Agent Kitagawa: So all these, including this, are forged memories. Though I… sorry, but I can't accept yet. For myself, I think this is a sort of reality alterations, not cognitohazards.

Dr. Hamazaki: No wonder you think so. Fake memories had deceived yourself over a long period; my containment team is actively working on the research in a wide perspective. Still, we cannot easily deploy or install Kant counters. I would be grateful if you could give me any information, as many as you can remember, like name of dealing partner or its directors.

Agent Kitagawa: Got it.

[Upon further investigation, it was found that zoo or individuals consistent with Agent Kitagawa's statement are nonexistent.]

Dr. Hamazaki: Were there any suspicious points about those directors?

Agent Kitagawa: No. Even looking back now, they were ordinary humans. I discussed with them in office, introduced the raccoon in question… and then they just strolled around the zoo before leaving.

Dr. Hamazaki: Did the raccoon show any unusual behaviors until the relocation?

Agent Kitagawa: It… I really didn't pay much care to it, but no unusual things happened. It was just gone on scheduled day… and quite a while after, I finally learned that our dealing partner does not exist from the beginning. I failed to suspect the reality in my presence. The raccoon may have felt something. Though even that, there was no way it could make appeals to me… it was just an animal after all.

Dr. Hamazaki: Thank you for your cooperation. The interview is over.

<Log End, 20██/██/█>

Closing Statement: Agent Kitagawa claim was almost the same with other staff of ████████ Zoo. He was allowed to return to undercover operation in ████████ Zoo without amnesiac treatment. While SCP-922-JP (formerly believed to be memory-affecting phenomenon) are suspected of being reality-bending anomaly, investigation priority is low due to usage cost of Kant counters.

Addendum 1: 2016/07/14, Agent Kitagawa suddenly vanished during regular undercover operation. Security cameras in ████████ Zoo suggest that Agent Kitagawa did not expect that this event would occur. It was found that staff of zoo had considered the disappearance of Agent Kitagawa to be a "short-term transfer to other zoo". All attempts to track resulted in a fact that said "other zoo" does not exist.

Addendum 2: █ months after the disappearance of Agent Kitagawa, the following image was send to his Google account. As both of sender's e-mail address and recipient address are an identical one which belongs to Agent Kitagawa, attempt of tracking was failed.



I am having a good time

This is very good place

Please do not worry

Yuji Kitagawa (Atypical gender symbol)


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