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SCP-926-JP, immediately post-sedation. Its bodily structure is in the process of metamorphosis.

Item#: SCP-926-JP

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-926-JP is to be contained in a quarantine biological containment cell at Site-81██ and kept in a sedation by continuous usage of anesthesia. Vital signs of SCP-926-JP has been outputted from an attached electrocardiograph to the connected apparatuses. In case the abnormal deviation on life-support of SCP-926-JP is confirmed, the selected medical staff members must deal with the matter immediately.

At all times, on-site personnel of Site-81██ are required to report the contents of the dreams they had. If the number of contents of "the death of the dreamer themselves" exceeded the specified threshold in said regular reports, or the specific factors were reported as the contents of dream, Protocol "Void-Dream" is to be execute immediately. After the application of this protocol, according to the reported number/contents of dream, the transfer/protection of SCP-926-JP, or its neutralization by using any available means which include the dilution of surrounding area by high-strength reality altering effect must be executed.

Description: SCP-926-JP is an unknown organism similar in appearance to vertebrate animal. SCP-926-JP is hostile towards human, known to persistently attack1 the individuals whom it perceived. However, as far as has been hitherto observed, no victims were killed as a result of SCP-926-JP's attack2. SCP-926-JP's anomalous properties have prevented to determine its default bodily structure and appearance features.

SCP-926-JP is capable of change its form into another kind of vertebrate animal3 in response to its condition/surrounding environment. Usually, SCP-926-JP's size tends to be much bigger than its non-anomalous counterpart. In addition, some body parts of clearly different species are often annexed to SCP-926-JP; inspections have revealed that these additional parts are unable to fulfill their original physical functions.

Below is an abridged list of known forms SCP-926-JP became so far.

Since the sedation, SCP-926-JP takes the form that resembles to Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis), 5m of body length. Various inspections has showed that its current body structure is almost identical to non-anomalous Varanidae, except for its enormous size and a pair of wings of Megabat (Pteropodidae) on its forelimbs.

Separately from the above property, SCP-926-JP has been concluded to possess the limited reality-altering ability. Upon the death, SCP-926-JP is believed to re-construct the entire world into the state prior to its death4. Attempts to perceive/observe/detect SCP-926-JP's reality altering process have not been successful thus far. As all memories and records are assumed to become the subject of alteration, there is no means to confirm the effect, other than the reports about the dream that contains specific contents.

After the re-construction was completed, an unspecified individual will experience a dream of "his/her own death" during REM sleep. Multiple inspections revealed that the cause of death in the affected dream is wholly coincide with the possible factor of reality re-construction by SCP-926-JP. If SCP-926-JP repeatedly died under an identical situation/condition/factor, the number of affected individuals has believed to also increase on each occasion.

SCP-926-JP was discovered on 19██/██/██, when it was drifted ashore on the eastern coast of Icaria, Greek. Local embedded agent alerted to the Foundation and the recovery team was dispatched from SCPS Lucidity, which had been anchored at nearby. Notably, through 9 days prior to the discovery of SCP-926-JP, many of the islanders in the neighboring coastal water had reported about the "nightmare of being drowned"; this may indicate multiple manifestations of the above-mentioned property.

Similarly, 9 days before the discovery of SCP-926-JP, SCPS Lucidity had deployed several Non-Physical Displacement Neutralizers (nPDN) to peripheral sea areas for an unrelated mission. The relationship between this mission and the origin of SCP-926-JP, if exists, remains unknown.

Addendum-1: Detailed investigations and examinations after the containment were revealed no clear distinction between SCP-926-JP and an existing Type-II Anomalous Organic Entity5. Taking these results, the continuous holding of SCP-926-JP was judged to be less valuable, the utilization as a vivisection sample was proposed. 19██/██/██, said proposal was accepted, and SCP-926-JP was moved to Site-81██, where the research division of the aforementioned anomalous entity is located.

Incident 926-JP: On 19██/██/██, over 50 personnel of Site-81██ reported that they had the dream of "being dissected while living". Vivisection of SCP-926-JP, originally scheduled on the same day, was temporarily postponed for the investigation of relationship between SCP-926-JP and this abnormal phenomenon.

However, on 19██/██/██, newly scheduled dissection of SCP-926-JP was canceled when a number of reports about the "nightmare of dissection" were confirmed again. It was inferred that SCP-926-JP is responsible for this phenomenon and manifests one or more unknown abilities upon its death. Following this, the anomaly in question was designated as SCP-926-JP provisionally.

Appendix: The following log was excerpts from the test attempts to verify the anomalous properties of SCP-926-JP.

Addendum-2: Since the containment of SCP-926-JP, in Greek, the number of individuals who consults to the psychosomatic medical departments/counselors about the "nightmare" was significantly lower6 5 years in a row. Specifically, the nightmare involving "being chased / persistently attacked by a winged, giant beast" became rarely get reported. On receiving those informations, the connection to SCP-926-JP was pointed out by some researchers.

However, no patients got wounded in the reality as they did in the dream; at the Foundation, the nightmare of "being attacked by SCP-926-JP" was reported by only D-Class personnel who involved in initial experiments. Investigation about the relation between the anomalous phenomenon in Greek and SCP-926-JP is ongoing. As of 19██/██/██, all investigation was judged to be less important and discontinued.

Addendum-3: On 19██/██/██, the discussions about SCP-926-JP were settled as "SCP-926-JP manifests its reality-bending property upon its death, and reverse the all elements into the past condition". Following this, the risk of SCP-926-JP exposing to the factor that it cannot avoid7 its death was proposed. In the worst case, SCP-926-JP is presumed to repeat its death and the re-construction of reality, trapping this baseline world in a certain timeline as a result.

Though the aforementioned hypothesis have not been proven yet, it is unfalsifiable due to the nature of SCP-926-JP. Eventually, SCP-926-JP was deemed a potential risk for a ZK-class "Reality Failure" scenario, and has been kept in a semi-permanent coma since then; its object class was provisionally reclassified to Keter. The research for the absolute neutralization of SCP-926-JP, or the granting of immortality, is currently ongoing.

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